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Dog Grooming in Wheat Ridge, CO

At Beds-N-Biscuits, we know a fresh, clean pup is a happy pup—with a happy owner. Our talented grooming staff will give your dog the royal treatment, leaving him sweet-smelling and ready for kisses. We specialize in breed-specific cuts and can have your dog looking his best in no time. Ask us about our spa packages for a proper pup pampering!

Our Grooming Services

  • Full-service haircuts to your specifications
  • Luxurious baths with soothing, refreshing shampoo
  • Nails trims for comfortable feet and undamaged floors!
  • De-shed and conditioning coat treatments
  • Anal glands expression

Call us at (303) 940-9188 to learn more, for rates, and to book your pup’s day at the spa!

Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Regular visits to our grooming salon mean more than a pretty pooch—they’re a crucial part of your pet’s health routine.

  • Our groomers are trained to scan the coat, skin, ears, and feet for any signs of potential health risks
  • A clean coat is lighter and more comfortable on your dog, and can drastically reduce shedding
  • Canine nails grow constantly and need to be trimmed to keep paws healthy and comfortable
  • Our specialized tools loosen and remove hair from the dense undercoat, preventing painful mats from forming


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