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Dog Grooming in Wheat Ridge, CO

At Beds-N-Biscuits, we know a fresh, clean pup is a happy pup—with a happy owner. Our talented grooming staff will give your dog the royal treatment, leaving him sweet-smelling and ready for kisses. We specialize in breed-specific cuts and can have your dog looking his best in no time. Ask us about our spa packages for a proper pup pampering!

Our Grooming Services

  • Full-service haircuts to your specifications
  • Luxurious baths with soothing, refreshing shampoo
  • Nails trims for comfortable feet and undamaged floors!
  • De-shed and conditioning coat treatments
  • Anal glands expression
Dog Grooming Service Beds-N-Biscuits

Call us at (303) 940-9188 to learn more, for rates, and to book your pup’s day at the spa!

Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Regular visits to our grooming salon mean more than a pretty pooch—they’re a crucial part of your pet’s health routine.

  • Our groomers are trained to scan the coat, skin, ears, and feet for any signs of potential health risks
  • A clean coat is lighter and more comfortable on your dog, and can drastically reduce shedding
  • Canine nails grow constantly and need to be trimmed to keep paws healthy and comfortable
  • Our specialized tools loosen and remove hair from the dense undercoat, preventing painful mats from forming


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Frequently Asked Questions

After over 18 years and countless dogs coming through our doors, we’ve received our fair share of questions. Click for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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